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Teach you about writing copy

for your business?

Sure. It'll be my pleasure!

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Copy Coaching

As the business owner, it's hard to analyze your copy from the customer's perspective. That's where I come in! I offer copy coaching in 3 main areas - emails, ad creation and video scripts. 

A quick rundown...

  • You'll send me examples of past work you've shared with your audience.

  • We'll meet via video for you to talk about your concerns, your goals, any data you have, etc.

  • You'll go away and run your dang business. I'll be reading, thinking and analyzing.

  • We'll meet again to debrief. I'll offer suggestions for going forward. These will be in a document for you to keep and reference in the future.

  • You'll then continue rocking this business thing and serving your clients but with a more clear understanding about the words to use.

The Deets

  • From start to finish, this will take about one to two weeks. (It's the fastest way for us to collaborate!)

  • The cost $250

Online Course

Do your learning outside of human hours (i.e., when the kids are in bed or before anyone shows up to the store)? Budget concerns? Or, want to see my teaching style before investing more? A collector of online courses?

No matter your reason, this course is for the small business owner who wants to be more confident when he/she writes.

To do that, business owners must know their best customers well and visualize them as they write social posts, emails, product descriptions, etc.

This course helps you do that!

The Deets

  • From start to finish, this course lasts about 2 hours. It's broken into 20 minute lessons and was designed for the busy entrepreneur (who needs quick, digestible lessons because she has 14,000 more items on her to-do list for the day).

  • The cost - $19.99

* If on the fence, click above and

try the free preview.

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