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*Customer interviews*  Most business owners overlook this gold mine, and it's right at their finger tips. Literally. This treasure trove of info is just a phone call away. In this episode, I delve into the why, the how and the questions to include in your customer interviews.

ep 53 about customer interviews to be be

Ready for potential clients to come to you? (Compared to the constant hunt for the next client!) Well, this episode with Carly Cheton is just what you need. Learn all about Upwork (a job posting app for freelancers) and the 4 keys to using this app like a boss.

ep 52 with Carly Cheton about Upwork

On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you rank your confidence with sales? Well, after listening to Natasha Hemmingway teach you about the skills needed to be good at sales, you'll definitely feel more confident! Sales isn't a personality type; it's a thing to be learned and practiced.

Episode 14(20)(1).png

We all want to build a community of loyal customers. But where? A Facebook group? Perhaps a podcast or YouTube channel? In this conversation, Randy Lee offers real-life advice about each of these avenues for growing a community. Plus, he's a funny guy so it's a fun listen.

Episode 14(18)(1).png

We hold so tightly to our businesses. But in doing so, are we stifling our growth? In this episode with Emily Perron we talk about hiring. Do you hire a freelancer or an employee? What should be your expectations with a new hire? Plus, much more.

Episode 14(17)(1).png

We often live by the "I'll sleep when I'm dead" mindset. But, is that actually most productive? (hint - no) In this episode, Dana Stone teaches us about sleep and productivity.  (Don't we all want to get more sleep and be more productive?!)

Episode 14(16)(1).png

Ever had a great product or service that you struggled to sell? If you answered yes (or just want to be better at sell), this episode is for you!

Episode 14(15)(1).png

Look, 2020 was tough on all of us! Even for the natural born entrepreneurs like Erika Edwards. In this episode, Ericka shares her lessons from 2020 and how she's using them to tackle 2021.

Episode 14(14).png
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