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Copy Coaching

Sometimes you need...

quick help. Or, you just want someone to offer suggestions and fresh ideas. Or, your budget won't allow you to hire a copywriter...but you want to up your writing game.

Copy coaching is a great option for all of these reasons!

The cost - $250

The timeframe - about 2 weeks from start to finish

With copy coaching...

you get detailed suggestions - in document form for you to keep and reference again - to help you speak to your customers' pain points, address their objections...all in an entertaining, honest way.

This is a great option for help with your ad copy, video scripts and emails.

To do this...

The first step, fill out the form below. It's a free 20-minute chat to make sure we're a good fit.

Second, gather 3-5 of your latest emails, short videos and/or ads. (You'll share these with me so I can see your past work.)

Third, we'll get on each other's calendars for our first official  session. (Copy coaching includes 2 paid-for sessions. In our opening session, you share your past work, and I'll ask a bunch of questions. For our second session about a week later, I'll share my suggestions, and you can ask a bunch of questions of me.)

Let's meet to talk about your copy.

We'll meet over Zoom for a free 20-minute test the waters a bit.

Fill out the form below so we can set a time to chat.

Thank you! Be looking for an email from me ( That way, we can set a date for our free 20-minute chat.
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