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Copywriting with some dang personality!

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So many stories to tell. 

So many words to say. So many details to share.
Just so many things...

A script helps to rein in all of your thoughts - to remind you of the purpose of the video.


A copywriter (me!) helps to mix entertainment with psychology with a focus on the client to find the right words for your video.


Video Script Packages

A Series

Starts at $750

Start to Finish: 1 month


​Do you have a YouTube channel? Make videos consistently for social media? ​We all know a steady stream of videos is a powerful way to build an audience and to develop a relationship with those viewers. ​Yet, consistency with video is hard...for lots of reasons. I can help.

First, to make one awesome video together...

  • We'll meet for an initial video consultation where you tell me all about your business (products/services), your reason for producing videos, your audience and more. (Be prepared. I'll ask a ton of questions.)

  • While you run your business like a superstar, I'll be writing, reading, conducting market research and so forth to craft a script (in a timely fashion, of course). I offer up to two rounds of revisions.

  • We'll meet to debrief. I'll hand over the script, and you'll go create a dang good video. 

Starts at $300 per month

​To continue making awesome videos together...

  • We'll meet monthly via Zoom to discuss the next set of videos -  topics, service/product details, upcoming events, etc.

  •  We'll also agree on a video script schedule and set a start date for this routine.

  • I'll ask you to send a report about your previously published videos too.

  • You'll go run a business!

  • I'll be writing, thinking and researching to make scripts that speak directly to your audience. 

  • You'll record some stellar videos after I hand over the scripts. 

  • We'll hit replay and do this thing again next month.

A Project

Starts at $750

Start to Finish: 1 month


Got a short video in mind? New to video? Planning a webinar?

​To rock this project...

  • We'll do an initial video consultation for you to share with me all about your business (okay, maybe not everything. But, I'll want to know your goal for this project, who your ideal customer is, any data you have on similar projects. I'll have a bunch of questions for ya.)

  • I'll go away and do my writing thing—think, write, research your niche, speak to customers, think and write some more. Up to two rounds of revisions are included here. 

  • We'll meet on video to debrief and for me to share the finalized script.

  • Then you'll record the video like the movie star you are. 

Copy Coaching

Starts at $250

Start to finish: 1 to 2 weeks


​Where am I going with this video thing? Everyone tells me that video is where it's at...but I am lost. 

​If this is you, I can help.

To find your direction...

  • You'll send me 3-5 of the latest videos you've published.

  • We'll then meet via Zoom for you to share your goals for the videos and any data you have. I'll ask lots of questions too.

  • You'll go away to run your awesome business.

  • I'll watch and analyze and think some more. Plus, I'll take a bunch of notes to share with you later.

  • Then, we'll meet to debrief. I'll give you my suggestions for going forward, in written form for you to keep and reference later. You'll ask any questions you have and then go rock your next video.  

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