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Copywriting with some dang personality!

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It should be simple, right? 

An ad. I mean, it's not that many words? How hard can it be to get people to notice my product or service?

Well, ad copy is simple and the same time. 


Simple, because a good ad works! (Ah, something simple in the marketing world. Sign me up!)


But, it's difficult because speaking directly to the people interested in your world takes a bit of psychology, a healthy dose of market research, and, yes, the right words. 


Let's get you noticed.


Ads Packages

Ads Worth Noticing

Starts at $750

Start to finish: 1 month


​For some solid ad copy...

  • We'll meet for an initial video consultation where you tell me all about your product/service, your goal for this ad campaign, your audience and more. Plus, I'll have lots of questions for you!

  • You'll then run your awesome business, take care of your sweet family, maybe even take a short trip. 

  • All the while, I'll be studying your product, conducting research, writing, thinking and writing some more. 

  • We'll meet to debrief and for me to share the ad copy.

  • You'll receive at least 2 versions of each ad for testing purposes, and up to 2 rounds of revisions are included here.

Ads Coaching

Starts at $250

Start to finish: 1 - 2 weeks


​For some solid collaboration...

  • You'll send me copy you've written for your upcoming ad, along with links or examples of 1-3 past ads for your business.

  • We'll then meet via video for you to share your concerns, your goals for your new ad, any data you have, etc.

  • You'll go away and run an awesome business while I'll read and analyze and think and make notes.

  • Then, we'll meet on video to debrief. I'll share my suggestions, in written form for you to keep and reference later. You'll ask any questions you have and then go rock this ad. 

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