Work With Me

You've got things you want to accomplish.

And, I want to help you achieve them.

Areas of Focus:

work with me rachel eubanks
  • Getting Started - Know you have an entrepreneurial tug but don't know what you are to do with it?! I have been there and have strategies to help get you through the initial phase of angst, questioning, and fear. (Then, the rest is up to you!) 
  • Productivity - Got only a certain amount of time to work on your side business each week? Hey, I know that feeling well! I can help you prioritize your tasks and teach you strategies to help you be more productive with your precious time. 
  • Scheduling - Need help analyzing your schedule and carving out designated work time for your side business? Sometimes another pair of eyes and a fresh perspective are all you need to revamp your schedule and find pockets of time for you to pursue your entrepreneurial goals.

See below for ways we can work together. Then, contact me at rachel@inspiretoengage.


I call it The Starbucks Package. Just like the woman who purchases her morning brew or afternoon bean from Starbucks, this client knows exactly what she wants and needs. Of course, like Starbucks coffee, it is pricier and worth it. One session starts at $50. *Pricing discounts available for multiple sessions. 

Email Coaching

I call this The Amazon Package. It is for the determined, busy, and economical woman. This package is all about getting what you want and need conveniently. This option allows you and me to correspond on your time. 

After an initial 30-minute consultation (hey, I want to hear your actual voice at least once!), we will correspond through email. This option starts at $120 with up to 6 email exchanges between us. 

Group Talks or Meetings

I call this one The Sweet Tea Package. Southerners love their sweet tea because, well, it is sweet and it hits the spot in almost any situation. Table set for 4 or a meeting of 100...sweet tea is a perfect beverage to round off the menu.

Do you know a group of women who you think would benefit hearing my message? Contact me. Prices vary due to group's size.  


Contact me at to get the ball rolling.