Day 119, Week 17 - Sick, Sick, Sick

Day 119, Week 17 - Sick, Sick, Sick

Dear Comrades,

Some horrible "disease" has ravaged most of my husband's side of the family for the last month and half. My hopeful self thought I had somehow cheated the system and escaped its clutches.


It all started with a small ache between my shoulder blades. I dismissed it at first because Barrett, my brother-in-law, and I had done a tough workout two days before. I thought perhaps I was sore from that.

A couple hours later when the chills-then-sweating cycle began, I faced the truth...I was sick, not sore. :(

So, this journal will be short and sweet. (And all God's people said, Amen.)

I am feeling much better now. Praising God for that!

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Facebook, Here I Am!

Facebook, here I am!

Facebook, here I am.

Facebook, here I am?

I am not really sure how to write the title for this section. I stuck with the exclamation point because it best captures my optimism.

But, the period best describes my lackluster debut. You know, the one person clapping in the audience when the curtain closes.

And the question mark captures all of the questions I still have. Like I no nothing about this social media platform! Everybody acts like it is so simple, but there are icons, pictures, and words all over the screen. What do I do with all that?!

Anyways, you now can find me on Facebook at RachelEubanks.InspireToEngage. I warn you, though, it is a work in progress. :)

Excitement & Dread

Excitement because this is the first time I get to officially represent Inspire to Engage! Excitement because I get to facilitate a discussion among moms like me. As a former teacher, that is what I did all day...facilitate (hopefully!) meaningful discussions.

Dread because this is the first time I will represent Inspire to Engage. (Funny how the same fact can cause excitement and dread!) What if I am not ready? What if I can't steer the conversation back to the topics I have planned? Will I have anything significant to add to the conversation?

I know myself well enough now to recognize these feelings as my natural "prep" for a big event. I felt these emotions before big basketball games, races, triathlons, teacher evaluations, and now mompreneur meetings. :)

My mom used to tell me (and still does), "Just do your best."

I also love the verse, "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

When I focus on these 2 mantras, it helps to lessen the dread and quiet some of the doubt.

Reflection in Sickness

When I am sick enough to spend 3 days in bed, I mostly just stare at the walls. TV, books, my phone, and conversations hold very little interest to me.

In my staring mode this past week, I vaguely noticed how many clothes were strewn around the house. I slightly noticed the toy cars and plastic tools that resided in my bed because my sons played alongside my sick body. I barely noticed the dishes piled in the sink.

See, these are things that bother me when I am feeling myself. But during my sick days, I just moved around them. It was only after I came out of my haze that I had the energy to care that there were clothes half folded from 3 days earlier, a plastic wrench tucked under my husband's pillow (actually endearing), and dishes and crumbs everywhere.

The reflection. Obviously, these things don't have to be done for my family and me to carry on. The boys did great through my illness, playing next to me in bed a lot. They were excited to get their daddy's undivided attention each afternoon. My sweet husband took over COMPLETELY when he got home from work. (Thank you, B.)

The reality. I focus better on the task at hand when other tasks have been handled. Certain things drive me crazy when left unattended. And, I am sure you can name some things too that when done, all feels right in your world...your life is in order.

The fine line. I am striving to find that delicate balance between what really is a must-do and what is a must-do only in my psycho brain. The sink doesn't really have to be empty of dishes for me to write a blog post. I know that on the surface level, but the inner workings of my brain doesn't always listen.

And, I know for sure that I am not the only woman to walk this fine line. I have a lot of friends and family just like me! (We're walking this tightrope together!)

Lastly, so thankful to God for healing this week. I try hard not to take for granted good health. But, any time I am sick like this, I realize that I still do in so many ways.

Prayerfully working and very thankful,


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Weekly Timesheet--Summary

With my illness affecting most of the week (Wednesday on), I only worked approximately 9 hours.

Research (3 hours suggested) - nothing

Content/Product - (5 hours suggested) - I am guessing around 4 hours. Luckily, I had my post on Butts and Failures written before the worst of my illness set in. I am writing this post on Sunday, and I feel much, much better.

With Clients - (4 hours suggested) - I am estimating around 2 hours. I have spent a little time preparing for the mompreneur luncheon coming up, which is as close to client work that I have right now.

Marketing - (3 hours suggested) - I am guessing around 3 hours with most of that time setting up my Facebook profile, etc.





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