Day 28, Week 4 - Know Your Priorities

Dear Comrade,

This week was one of reflection and reminders.

Disappointed in Myself

For 3 days this week, I hosted a yard sale at my house. My husband's grandmother, "Boss Lady" as I call her on yard sale days, enjoys making side money for herself and for other family members who add to her ever-growing collection of treasures. We have a lot of fun! My husband even takes off work to help Boss Lady and me.

On Saturday, I started complaining to him about how much I haven't worked this week...that I haven't spent 15 hours on my biz. I suddenly became disappointed in myself. For this week, my priorities were different, and I need to own that!

See, this week was about yard selling, and yard selling isn't just about pricing a few items.

Yard selling for us is about spending time with Boss Lady and learning lessons that only a grandmother can convey. It is about teaching my sons that you work for money. It is about working together as a family to accomplish a large goal.

You need to know that it takes multiple trips from Boss Lady's house to bring the treasure bins to my house for selling. My mother-in-law and father-in-law are often involved in the transporting of said treasures. It really is a family affair!

Remembering My Priorities

In a few quiet moments on Saturday (and there were not many that day!), God reminded me that my priorities this week had been the yard sale. It had been on my calendar for months; it didn't just sneak up. And, I had worked very hard at the front of the week on my business to compensate for a lack of free time during the yard sale days at the end of the week. I still, however, started to panic when I didn't spend my usual amount of time working at my business goals.

I share my angst and disappointment in myself this week as a reminder. We started our own businesses to have more time with our have greater have more flexibility. The yard sale should have represented my greater time, freedom, and flexibility. Instead, I let little voices in my head diminish some of my yard-sale joy (especially the last day) all because I didn't keep my priorities in the forefront of my mind. 

Have you ever felt angst or resentment over spending time with family, thinking you should be working? (That is a really, really hard thing to type and even harder to admit.) Knowing and reminding ourselves of our priorities for the day, the week, or the month help to cut down on the pull we feel between family and work. If you relate to these sentiments, you may find "How to Set Realistic Goals as an Entrepreneur" helpful. (I wrote it and am trying to live it with God's help!)

Value Yourself. Sleep!

I was able to attend a monthly mompreneur group this week (mostly because my husband had taken off to help with the yard sale ...left him and Boss Lady holding down the fort and the kids for a few hours).

Dana Stone from Rest Assured Consulting, a company focused on helping young children sleep well, and a fellow mompreneur talked with us about setting priorities, an obvious theme of mine this week. (God's working on me!) She challenged us to make SLEEP one of them. It was a great reminder that fatigue is not the only effect of sleep deprivation. How we treat our kids and husbands is often affected too. We are less patient with our children and more resentful towards our husbands. These sentiments rear their ugly heads because we aren't taking care of ourselves. Often we (unintentionally) make it everyone's problem, instead of our own problem.

So today, I am charging you (and me!) to make sleep a priority in whatever season of life you are in. Getting more sleep for a mom with a newborn at home will not equate to the same number of hours as a mom with older children. But, the priority is still the same for all of us mothers. Get more sleep!

Many wonderful things happen because of sleep! Think are more efficient when you are awake and are more likely to find joy and fulfillment in activities versus drudgery and animosity. You are the only person who can make sleep a priority for yourself!

Don't Do It Alone!

In my area (Huntsville, AL) we have a great organization call The Catalyst Center for Business and Entrepreneurship. This center hosts the monthly mompreneur group I enjoy and is funded in part by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

I tell you about this center to encourage you to look around for a similar organization in your area. The Catalyst offers numerous trainings for small business owners, and many are free or for a very minimal cost.

Don't do it all by yourself! Learn from knowledgeable people and find others who relate to your goals, fears, and joys. 

Wishing you the best (and more sleep!),



Weekly Timesheet - Summary

Total = 8 hours (yard sale week)

Research - 2 hours & 40 minutes

Content/Product - 3 hours

With Clients - 0 hours

Marketing - 2 hours & 20 minutes

My Takeaway = For the next week (and more), I want to concentrate on marketing but more "personal" methods like emailing, calling, and in-person meetings.

Detailed Timesheet

Monday-writing blog posts "Little Successes" (Content/Product) for 35 minutes; creating a Google Sheet that organizes tags and categories of my posts (Content/Product) for 10 minutes; worked on website deleting a few things I no longer wanted (Marketing) for 30 minutes; created an image for a post and to share on Pinterest (Marketing) for 30 minutes; reading Business Boutique (Research) for 20 minutes; researched some details for "Little Successes" post (Research) for 20 minutes = 2 hours & 25 minutes

Tuesday-worked on website finding pics for posts and editing pages (Marketing) for 40 minutes; worked with customer service to get me back into my online banking system for this biz and signed up for Business Boutique event in Nov. in Nashville (Research) for 15 minutes; read Business Boutique and finished EntreLeadership (Research) for 35 minutes = 1 hour & 30 minutes

Wednesday-interviewed my sister-in-law who has a small business on Facebook for a future blog post (Research) for 1 hour = 1 hour

Thursday-yard sale, no work on this biz = 0 hours

Friday-yard sale, no work on this biz = 0 hours

Saturday-race, yard sale, Monster Truck Jam with Family, no work on this biz =0 hours

Sunday-wrote this end-of-week blog post (Content/Product) for 2 hours & 15 minutes; created a story graphic for a pin on Pinterest for this blog post (Marketing) for 40 minutes; read Business Boutique (Research) for 10 minutes = 3 hours & 5 minutes










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