Day 98, Week 14 - My Sis

Day 98, Week 14 - My Sis

Dear Comrades,

As bad as I felt last week, I felt that good this week! I am not sure how this drastic change occurred. 

I thanked God for energy again!

And, I went with it!

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Working with Clients

Last week was a very low week for me. I was just so, so tired. But that tiredness brought me to God and gave me insights into some of my work habits. Some of which I am not proud of. Like working in frustration when my kids are around, instead of working with honor. (If you have the same problem as me, you might want to read 3 Mindsets for Working in Insanity.)

Another insight I gained, I was spending too much time writing. My 2 posts each week were taking about 6-8 hours to write. Originally, I told myself this was okay because I have no clients right now. See, Dan Miller's concept of 15 hours a week on a side business calls for 4 types of work--researching business practices or your niche for 3 hours; creating content or products for 5 hours, meeting with clients for 4 hours; and marketing yourself and your business for 3 hours a week.

Of course, these are just suggestions. But for someone like me who needs structure to be productive, I try to adhere to Dan's advice. So, for the last...ummmm...14 weeks, I have been combining the 5 hours of content/product time with the 4 hours of client time. That comes to about 9 hours of content time, which for me means writing.  

That is wonderful if I plan to make NO MONEY ever. I have a goal to coach other women who want to start a side business or who want to more productive each day. Therefore, I must actually figure a way to do that, instead of hiding behind my computer writing for a large portion of my 15 hours-a-week side business.

My new pretend as if I have clients. Before you think I am really crazy, hear me out. I plan to spend those 4 hours that Dan suggests preparing for future clients--reading books about coaching, watching coaching videos, developing activities that may be helpful in the future, and creating coaching packages (so if anyone ever asks about my services, I have something to say about benefits, prices, and structure). 

I started my "new plan" this week and used the time to prepare for a mompreneur meeting I am facilitating in July, since that will be the closest thing to clients I have ever had. :)

Instagram or Instasnag?

I love Instagram. I can't believe I am actually writing that statement because any social media is hard for me. To be completely truthful, if I didn't need a free platform for Inspire to Engage, I still wouldn't have an Instagram account. But, if I have to have one, Instagram it is! (Thanks, April, for pushing me there.) 

I have found, though, that simply loving Instagram does not grow your account to even 70 followers.

In other words, my Instagram is experiencing an instasnag. For several weeks now, longer than I want to admit, I have been stuck around 53 followers (and most of them are close friends and family, not potential clients). For a few days some bots will follow me, and I will hit, wait for it....57 followers. Then, one morning I will wake to find that I am back to 53 followers.

As my friend Cecilia said one day, "That is great, Rachel. Having 50 engaged followers is better than having a lot that don't really care about your message." To Cecilia, I say thank you for your positive spin on my lackluster following. I play your comment over in my head almost every time I look at Instagram. Even writing about it now lifts my spirit.

I know she is right about engaged followers. But, I also know I need a few more (like maybe 89) to grow Inspire to Engage to the empire I dream about. ;)

I completed an email course on Instagram this week to learn more about growing a business account. I gained a few helpful tips but no miracle cures. I know with anything worth having, it takes time. And, I am willing to do that. I just want to use my time wisely. Hence I plan to complete more free courses to learn other details about my favorite-if-I-have-to-choose-one platform. (When the money comes, I will invest in other Instagram courses that actually require dollars and cents. But, those classes aren't for my frugal self yet.)

My Sis

I wish everyone had a sister like I have.

She plays a pivotal role in Inspire to Engage (and in my life!). She often proofreads posts for me, but, even more importantly, she allows me to dream with her and to share my ideas for this business.

This week our families got to spend several days together. (Some serious fun was had!) During that time, she dedicated several hours to me when we talked about the content and my approach for the mompreneur meeting I am facilitating in July.

What's important about this sister talk for other mompreneurs? Maybe, nothing. Or, maybe the realization that you need people like her around you as well. I am blessed with a sister and several friends who are HONEST with me about my ideas. That means Sarah tells me when my ideas stink or don't match my business goals.

Now, don't misunderstand me. Sarah is the ultimate cheerleader. That is her natural tendency. So, I know it is not easy for her to tell me tough things. Yet, out of love for me and a desire to see this business grow (yet again because she loves me!), she says them anyway.

Another bonus...Sarah falls in the age group of women I am targeting for business and life coaching. Even though she has no desire to create her own business, she can offer insights to how my ideas may be perceived by other women in her age category and who are living a similar lifestyle. I am appreciative because as you know from the first section of this post (Working with Clients) I have no clients as of yet. I have no one to officially survey. Thus, her input is crucial right now.

As for me...I'm very thankful my sis is willing to play along.

As for you...surround yourself with people who, kindly yet honestly, will analyze your ideas and then, happily and prayerfully, dream big with you.

Prayerfully working,



Detailed Weekly Timesheet

Monday - continued working on Fathers' Day post (Content/Product) for 30 minutes; started working on notes for mompreneur meeting I am facilitating in July (W/ Clients) for 45 minutes total = 1 hour & 15 minutes

Tuesday - talked with sis about upcoming meeting I am facilitating (W/Clients) for 1 hour & 30 minutes; created 2 Instagram posts--zoo and chalk with Evie and boys (Marketing) for 30 minutes; revised Fathers' Day post (Content/Product) for 30 minutes total = 2 hours & 30 minutes

Wednesday - worked to revise & edit Fathers' Day post (Content/Product) for 1 hour; posted on Instagram (Marketing) for 15 minutes; began Instagram email course (Research) for 30 minutes; sent and discussed with sis a rough draft of the worksheet I plan to use when I facilitate the mompreneur meeting next month (w/clients) for 30 minutes total = 2 hours & 15 minutes

Thursday - continued working on Instagram email course (Research) for 30 minutes; began working on end-of-week post doing time sheet for this week (Content/Product) for 15 minutes; worked on next week's post (Content/Product) for 45 minutes; created Instagram post highlighting Fathers' Day blog (Marketing) for 15 minutes total = 1 hour & 45 minutes

Friday - researched for a post on 5 entrepreneurial women (Research) for 45 minutes; worked on next week's post (content/product) for 45 minutes; created Instagram post Highlighting Fathers' day blog (Marketing) for 15 minutes total = 1 hour & 45 minutes

Saturday - continued working on post for next week and sent to sis and Tammy for proofreading (Content/Product) for 1 hour; read article for 5 women (Research) for 30 minutes; worked on end-of-week post (Content/product) for 30 minutes total = 2 hours

Sunday - continued working on end-of-week post (Content/product) for 1 hour; created Pin for end-of-week post (Marketing) for 30 minutes total = 1 hour & 30 minutes

Total = 13 Hours

Weekly Summary

Research = 2 hours & 15 minutes

Content/Product = 6 hours & 15 minutes

With Clients = 2 hours & 45 minutes

Marketing = 1 hour & 45 minutes

Takeaway = I did much better this week with adhering to a well-rounded time structure for my business. I spent less time writing and more time thinking about future clients.


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