rachel eubanks

When you want or need a speaker...

You aim for someone who will teach, inspire, and call your group to action. And, do all of these things in a professional manner.

These are qualities I would want in a speaker if I was selecting one. Therefore, I strive with God's help to be all of these things and more.

About me

I have been on stage and speaking for 13 years. My audiences have been big and small, energetic while sometimes tiring, kind but occasionally boisterous, inspired and often times inspiring. One thing all the crowds had in common...they were inquisitive. I was an elementary school teacher for the public school system in Madison, AL.

After 13 years at a job I loved, God impressed upon my heart to be home with my two young sons. I answered His calling. But it was not long before He revealed that I was not finished with teaching. I was still to use this gift He gave me, just in front of an audience with an average age greater than 12.

I have a heart for women, and especially moms, who are striving to answer God's call in ways that they have never done before. Maybe they are starting a side business, exercising for the first time in years, leaving a job to be home full time with their children, or contemplating a job change outside the home. New and different are scary! Believe me, I know. However, I also know that God made each of us with specific gifts we are to use to answer the desires He has placed in our hearts.

I have a bachelor's and master's degree from the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) and earned a doctorate of education in instructional leadership from Nova Southeastern University in 2016.

What to expect from me

1.) to consult with you prior to the event in order to craft a talk compelling to your audience 2.) to develop a talk or lesson specific to your group 3.) to show up energized and ready 4.) to share handouts and resources if appropriate to the talk and agreed on during the consultation 5.) to follow up to determine if I met our agreed-upon expectations and if I can improve in any way

Possible topics

1.) organizing your time to value yourself, target audience: women 2.) being brave enough to try something new, target audience: women 3.) creating a simple website, target audience: anyone with a need or desire for a website 4.) a topic of your choosing and agreed upon by both of us



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