Scroll below for FAQs.

Scroll below for FAQs.



How much for A month's subscription?

Each month is $15. That's about 50 cents a day for a caption + image idea.

what's included in each issue?

In each issue, you receive a calendar with caption prompts + image ideas to match for EVERY DAY of the month. Also, hashtags for each day are included. For example, Oct. 1 is National Hair Day so the hashtag #nationalhairday is listed on that day. That way,  you receive choices, more than 1 option for a caption every day of the month. (I can totally see a hair stylist writing about National Hair Day, instead of the caption prompt provided for Oct. 1.)

Furthermore, each issue includes photo styling tips to keep your images fresh, an explanation of an affordable marketing tool, a brief tutorial pertaining to marketing that will SAVE YOU TIME and a short devotion on the last page. (Because, y'all, no one - no follower, customer or future client - loves us like our Creator!)

Does it come with stock photos?

No. Here's why. First, I believe that as businesses, we need to show OUR businesses. I mean no offense to anyone who uses stock photos. I have in the past and will again on certain content...but not for social media posts. Second, stock photos on small business accounts often come across as exactly that - stock photos. They don't match the rest of our feed; the style, image subjects and lighting are different.

Instead, each issue offers time-saving tips so YOU can get the photos you need, and it provides a month of captions so you can plan ahead for images.

How will it be delivered to me?

It will be delivered to your email inbox the first day of each month.

Do I have to purchase 6 Months or a year at a time?

Heck no! You can cancel your subscription after any issue...and start back again if you want.

Do you offer a refund?

Of course. I will ask for a written reason, though. That way, I may be able to correct any major issues for you and future customers.

If you have questions not discussed here, email me.