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Mompreneurs are different.

We work in small pockets of time. 

We work in distracting environments.

We feel that we're jack of all trades but master of none.

We battle mom constantly.

We're focused on our growing a family WHILE building a business.

This site is dedicated to mompreneurs because our business needs are a little different than other entrepreneurs.

The spaghetti stains splattered on our shirts & purses full of field trip forms remind us of this fact every day. The meeting of motherhood and business is a really beautiful, Yet Messy one.

About Me

I'm a former public school teacher who loves to teach! When I became a stay-at-home mom to our 2 sons, I still craved a public forum to educate. After soul searching, praying, crying, researching and many other verbs, I realized that writing allowed me to still teach without leaving home or the comfort of my running shorts.

Today my business, Inspire to Engage, works to help other mompreneurs tell the stories of their businesses - on social media platforms, in blog posts, though emails and more.

Look, it's scary to even admit you have a business dream...and actually say it aloud to yourself and trusted loved ones. (Can I get an Amen?!) But, it's often even scarier to tell the put yourself out there as a business on social media or a website. For me, I just knew people were thinking, "What?! She's a teacher.  Why is she talking social media?! What does she know about business?!"

Some of you know those ugly thoughts...those nasty sentiments about yourself and your business dream. So, acknowledge them and THEN MOVE ON. This site and business are about moving on - letting go of perfection and simply doing your best with the (small amount!) of time you have. 

My goals here are to educate you on social media tools/tips, build your confidence and, quite frankly, SAVE YOU TIME. As a mom, time is our most precious commodity!

See, God made you uniquely. That means you bring something unique to the business table, and you and your business are meant to serve others in a unique way.

So...go and do!

Please email me questions or topics/pain points that interest you. I would love to hear from you!

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