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You want to accomplish something specific, and I want to help you. A win-win!


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When you hire a speaker, you are looking for a teacher, a truth speaker, and a motivator. These are some of my God-given talents.

You are looking for someone who will speak directly to your group's interests and needs. I will do these things because many of my most memorable experiences have been when someone spoke directly to me, even though I was in a room full of people.

Possible topics...organizing your time to value yourself (target audience: women); being brave enough to try something new (target audience: women); & creating a simple website (target audience: anyone with a need or desire for a website); a topic of your choosing and agreed upon by both of us

What you can expect from me...1.) to consult with you prior to the event in order to craft a talk compelling to your audience 2.) to develop a talk or lesson specific to your group 3.) to show up energized and ready 4.) to share handouts and resources if appropriate to the talk and agreed on during the consultation 5.) to follow up to determine if I met our agreed-upon expectations and if I can improve in any way

Contact me for pricing and for available dates at rachel@inspiretoengage.com


I love writing and want to share that gift with others. I can do that in two ways:

  • teach you to write for your group, business, or audience
  • write for you to gain clarity, interest, or motivation

What you expect from me...1.) to consult with you on what your needs and expectations are 2.) to write diligently to meet these needs or to teach to my best ability so you can meet your own writing needs 3.) to present written products or lessons on the agreed-upon timeline 4.) to follow up with you to determine if I met the outlined expectations and what I can do to improve.

Contact me for pricing and a free consultation at rachel@inspiretoengage.com

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