Shop at Wal-Mart...With Your Kids? 3 Entrepreneurial Skills You Already Have (Part 1)

Shop at Wal-Mart...With Your Kids? 3 Entrepreneurial Skills You Already Have (Part 1)

Motherhood is a lot like entrepreneurship.

With motherhood, you keep so many little things in your head…the last time your infant pooped, that your oldest loves fresh bell peppers but don’t dare sauté them and where your 13-year usually leaves his rogue shoes (and where you last saw the missing shoestring. I mean, why is someone down one shoestring?!)

As an entrepreneur, you have many to-dos floating around in your noggin. And the weight of it all becomes unbearable at times. You begin to question your ability to be in business (or to tackle your new goal).

But, I say that if you can shop at Wal-Mart…with your kids in tow, you’ve got the skills needed to succeed in life and in business.

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Just to be clear, this post is not a dig on Wal-Mart. You could replace Wal-Mart with any store…Target, Kroger’s, Belk, Aldi, etc.

This post is to assure us mommas (and daddies) that we are made of more than we realize. You’re ready for entrepreneurship, if you choose it. Shopping with our kids prove this!

Skill 1: You can focus when things get hairy.

See if any part of this scenario sounds familiar to you.

Recently my boys and I spent a lovely 3 hours in the Automotive Center at our local Wal-Mart. We shopped first, played with some of our newly-purchased items, read 9.5 books and colored 1.43 pages in the waiting area’s coloring books. It really wasn’t bad. I came with the mindset of an entertainer and brought along the necessary snacks to help.

When my super-human focus skills came into play was during checkout. What usually would’ve been a quick swipe of the plastic was not; the card readers were DOWN…in the WHOLE store. (My heart went out to the Wal-Mart employees. Can you imagine the frustration they saw and experienced?!)

Needless to say, paying for the 4 new tires (and the labor to put them on) was going to be difficult since I don’t stroll around with $800 in cash. So, two industrious cashiers and I set about getting these tires paid for. Me…calling my husband to move money from one account to the next. (Maybe I could write a check?!) Them…calling their managers to plead for assistance.

Welcome to the Show

And the whole time…my boys were “taking care” of themselves.

It was at this point that my focus skills kicked into overdrive!

Did my focus waiver when my cotton-headed 3-year old raced up the tire aisle 45 times, at full speed…with no regard for other customers?


Did I lose my will to pay when that same son knocked over the tire on display?


Did I check up when my 5-year old son proudly—picture a soldier reporting to his superior officer that a terrorist has been apprehended—dragged his 3-year old brother back to me, ragdoll style…if the ragdoll is part feral cat.


No, y’all. I kept my focus the whole time this clown show occurred in my peripheral vision. I didn’t give up on my initial goal—to pay Wal-Mart!

You've Got This!

Mommas (and daddies), I’m not alone. At some point, we’ve all been the unwilling and by-default ringmaster of such a circus. I’ve seen you. We give each other a sad smile that signals—I feel your pain—as our carts pass like 2 boats (albeit party yachts) in the night.

My point, these trips to Wal-Mart with our children demonstrate our ability to focus…even when things get tough. I mean, anyone can focus in a quiet office?!

It takes super-human focus skills to get all (or 85%) of the items on your list while a 3-year old laughingly screams, “poo-poo ball” in your ear for 4 minutes straight and his 5-year old brother points out every Minion-related item in the store (which is more than you realize!).

Choose your business tasks for the day and set about getting them done. Use your super-human focus abilities.

Seriously, you’ve got this! You’ve shopped at Wal-Mart. With your kids. :)

Next post, we’ll look at Skill 2—You can prioritize.

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