5 Mindsets of a Sidepreneur

5 Mindsets of a Sidepreneur

I had an experience several months ago that completely changed this entrepreneurial quest of mine. It was a warm sunny day, and the park was filled with people. Yet, I had a gray cloud hanging over me. Picture Eeyore with head down and tail dragging.

As I walked, I listened to Dan Miller’s 48 Days podcast. That episode he interviewed Patrick McGinnis, author of The 10% Entrepreneur. The longer their discussion…the more pep in my step. Picture Tigger with a contagious smile and happy bounce.

Dan and Patrick let me in on a big secret…I didn’t have to be a full-time entrepreneur. I could give a part of myself to my entrepreneurial dreams while I keep the full-time, stay-at-home mom job that I love.

Hence, I started viewing myself as a sidepreneur. Once I owned my new status, the feeling of inadequacy lessened a lot, and I officially became the CEO, well everything, of a side business

 But, not every sidepreneur has the same mindset or purpose for her endeavor.

5 mindsets

Mindset 1—A Hobby Gone Biz

This sidepreneur accidentally falls into business. She started making jewelry for herself, her sister, and her mom. Next, a friend noticed and wanted a bracelet. Then Jasmine, a friend of a friend, messaged her on Facebook about making 6 for Jasmine’s bridesmaids and wanted to know how much she charged. Voila…in business!

Mindset 2—A Need for a Season

This sidepreneur has a need for additional income for a season of life. Maybe her husband lost his job, they are tackling their debt, she’s taking an extended maternity leave, or her hours at work decrease. Whatever the reason, there is a need for more money for a period of time in her life. For example, a teacher begins tutoring after the school day and on weekends to earn extra dough. This sidepreneur takes skills she already has and uses them. No training period required!

Mindset 3—A Search of the Soul

This sidepreneur feels a pull to be doing something specific with her life during free time (although the spare moments may be rare!). This is the mindset I most connect with. I felt God stirring in my heart, asking me to start a business of my own with Him at the center. Yet, I wasn’t sure what exactly I was to be doing. I continue to pray everyday asking for direction. (My friend April wrote a post related to fear and being obedient to God when it is scary to do so. It may be just what you need to read if you relate to this mindset.)

 Mindset 4—A Stepping Stone

This sidepreneur is starting slowly and cautiously. She wants to leave her full-time job one day to concentrate on her own business for 40 hours (or more) a week. But, for now she is perfectly content learning the ropes of business on the side while enjoying the security of a full-time job. This side business is a stepping stone to her ultimate dream.

 Mindset 5—A Fun Distraction

This sidepreneur is an adventurer and enjoys experimenting with new things just for sake of learning and seeing results. She realizes that this side business will be around only as long as it is a fun distraction from her full-time job. She takes it seriously but can quickly remove it from her life if needed or wanted to.

To Conclude

These 5 mindsets are similar because they deliberately place the business on the side, not as a full-time gig. Yet, each mindset is different; each one reveals a particular reason for a business in the entrepreneur's life.

Recognizing the type of sidepreneur you are will help clarify aspects of your life and your business...making you more focused because your reason is clear.

So, my dear, what type of sidepreneur do you most relate to?

Did I overlook someone? I hope not. But if I did, please let me.

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