Going "Live" and Living to Tell About It

Going "Live" and Living to Tell About It

Several weeks ago, I attempted to go "Live." My hair was washed, and I was in real clothes. As a homeschooling, work-from-home mom, conditions were perfect. When else to go onto Facebook and talk to the world in real time?!

Yet, I just couldn't press start. I tried several (or 20) times, all the while practicing what I was going to say. And this wasn't even my first "Live," y'all!

My hair may have been cleaned, but I was scared.

Scaredy Cat

Why on this day was I more scared than normal? I'm not sure. Perhaps it was because I hadn't done it in a month, or perhaps it was the hairdo. (Was it truly cute or just a sad attempt at wrangling the frizz?!)

Eventually I did go "Live" right as my time frame for doing so was closing - aka, nap time ending. Below are the tips/thoughts I used to finally press, "Start Live Video," in case you find yourself in a similar predicament.

Helpful Mindsets

1. This is the time I have to speak with my audience. Real-life translation - My hair is clean, and the boys are quietly resting. Business translation - I have a message that I want and need to share with my audience, and I've blocked off this time to do it. So, do it!

Going Live is communicating in the most human way possible, besides meeting face to face.

2. I am good, even if no one shows up to my "Live." Real-life translation - It is less scary to talk to a phone screen than to talk to it knowing others are watching...and in real time. Business translation - So what?! Of course, we want people to watch our Lives because it tells Facebook/Instagram that our accounts are relevant. The algorithm pushes more people towards our pages/accounts, which means higher organic reach in the long run.

Yet, Jennifer Allwood, a social media guru, made an excellent point when I saw her speak about Facebook Lives. Her advice: Doing them with little or no audience is great practice! You become more comfortable, which usually leads to more confidence.

And, if we do Facebook Lives enough, our audiences will grow. See, the Facebook and Instagram algorithms like when its users use all the pieces of the platform - Stories, Live and feed. Users are often rewarded with greater organic reach, and that in turn leads to more followers and potential viewers over time.

3. My message is more important than my embarrassment. Real-life translation - Get over yourself, Rach! This isn't about you. Business translation - We have a message so share it!

This is closely related to number 2 but shifts our focus from us - getting over ourselves - to our audience's needs. Going Live is about relaying info to our audience quickly and personally. It's not about us.

Donald Miller, a marketing expert and author of Storybrand, believes that if you have a product or service that can better your customers' lives, you have a moral obligation to tell them about it. He often says this when he's discussing the fear many of us have when asking for the sale from a customer. But, the idea applies here too. If you have a service or product that can improve their lives and/or bring them joy, we should tell our audiences.

Serve them well.


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