Wearing the Badge of "Busyness"

This mama wears the badge of “busyness” as proudly as the next one. I’m a pro - like many of you - at over committing, over doing, over working, etc. But in choosing to step back and take control of my life recently, I experienced 4 kinds of mom guilt. Can you relate? Do you over extend yourself only to end up miserable (with grouchy kids and a confused husband)?

Define Your Outrageous Goal - Goal Setting for the New Year

Hey, it can be embarrassing to say aloud (or even write down) your dream...your outrageous goal. But, it's a crucial step in goal setting. It's an act of courage, and courage, my friend, is the key to success. This post will get your brain thinking of what you want to accomplish in the new year and to celebrate what you did this past year. 

A Little Poop on the Playground

I mean seriously, sometimes you just have to laugh. As a parent, you find yourself in predicaments that 10 years earlier you couldn't have dreamed up. But, there you stand...a middle-class, well-educated woman holding the hand of a little tyke, his pants to the ground, booty on full display and a guilty look on his face.

"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" Moments: Lessons Learned on Optimism & Reality for This Mompreneur

Hey, we all want quick results. I am a sucker for posts titled like "How I Grew My Email List to 15,000 People in Only 2 Months." Yet, as soon as I start to read, I deflate. I quickly realize the writer is starting her life-altering post with the number 2,000. 2,000 SUBSCRIBERS. What? What happened to 0 to 2,000?! I need to know about those numbers as well!!! My post is not about growing your email list. Instead, it is about the patience to grow slowly...naturally...embracing the tough moments.  

The Butt-om Line, Mompreneurs...Failure is a Part of Life.

What does a 44 to 0 (yes, NOTHING!) lose in a middle school basketball game have to do with entrepreneurship for this momma? And what failures did Sara Blakely experience? Sara is the lady we thank when our butts and guts look great in white pants or a form-fitting dress. She is the creator of Spanx. Hear me, failing is a natural part of life. I've done it. Sara's done it. You've done it. But it is how we handle failure that matters.

5 (Really!) Dumb Things I Worried About When First Starting a Biz

With almost a year of wannabe-an-entrepeneurship under my belt, I now can look back at some really dumb things I worried about this first year. These things paralyzed me at times...keeping me from moving forward. For example, I thought I could design the perfect website and that I needed to do this before doing anything else. Anybody had similar feelings? Well hear me, perfection is an illusion and one that stops us from pursuing our dreams. The purpose of this post...to share 5 lessons I learned, but mostly to encourage you to START.

Our Dislike...Then Like...Now Love Story

Not all love stories begin with starry nights and longing stares. Some begin with ugly words, brutal heat, and a 1996 Ford Escort, maroon and hatchback. At least, that is how Brandon's and my dislike-like-love story started. And, although it was not the most romantic beginning, it proved to be exactly what we needed. This year we celebrate 14 years of married life, and I hope and pray for many, many more. 

To Be Like My Daddy

Ever had a casual comment stick with you (and I mean, really get to you)? Often times, these offhand remarks that hit home are hurtful. They cause us to have negative thoughts. Not this conversation, though! Not the one I had with my dad one fateful, ordinary night. His remark had a positive affect on his scared, yet sometimes brave; intelligent, but often times naive; determined, still hesitant entrepreneur daughter.

3 Mindsets for Working in Insanity (You Know, When Your Kids Are Awake & Home)

At times, you just have to do it. You don't look forward to it, but it has to be done...work on your business WHILE your children are awake and home. I call it "working in insanity." It usually doesn't bring out the best in us. This post examines 3 mindsets to develop that will help us mompreneurs work with honor in front of our children, instead of work in frustration. I, personally, am tired of the nasty feeling I have about myself after I lash out in anger, all because I wanted to finish a 5-minute task and they wanted or needed me for something before I was done. This post is intended to bring sanity to your insanity and to build honor instead of frustration.  

3 Tips for Working the Fringe Hours

Realizing as a mompreneur and sidepreneur that you need more hours in the day? Well, that is just not possible. So, we must use our time wisely, even the fringe hours...the frayed edges of the day when others are asleep but the industrious are still working. There are tricks, though, to creating a lasting routine and to maximizing your efforts during the fringe hours. 

5 Strategies for Recognizing Your God-Given Gifts

What are my gifts? Many of us wonder this at times of our lives. Maybe we have a entrepreneurial tug on our hearts to start a business. We question what our business should be. Or, maybe we are simply having a bad day and wonder, "What am I good at?!" These 5 strategies will help you recognize your God-given gifts. Because, my friend, no matter if you are having a good day or a bad day, you are gifted.

The Scream Machine & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship (really...life) is full of ups and downs, much like a roller coaster. One moment you are screaming your head off in excitement and smiling at your seat mate. The next moment your breathe is being sucked from your lungs, and your head is being bashed by the "protective" harness. You are wondering why you are on this ride at all. Sound familiar to you? Read to learn 7 strategies for combating the downs and the ups of entrepreneurship (and life).

To My Hardworking, Steadfast Mom

Moms struggle today with a constant nagging in their heads to do something...everything better. This mom guilt is a nasty thing and robs us of our joy. We must fight against it! Since when did working hard and setting goals become bad things!? They aren't. In fact, we often strive to teach our children these things. So, stop feeling guilty and embrace the fact that you are teaching your children the value of hard work. My mom did, and I am so blessed by her example.